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circle of perpetual choirs is a project in round space. It is comprised of four unique solo dances that come together; individual songs within a chorus. 

A 3-dimensional choreographic holding space, the work gently and steadily acts on its audience, slowing them down and sensitising them to the subtle magic of choreography. 

With original sound by composer Sarah Westwood, circle of perpetual choirs seeks to share the multi-sensory and multi-dimensional nature of movement. Audience are centred within the action, the choreography unfolding all around, encompassing and wrapping them. Ley-lines of relationship are spun across the room, rhythms bloom and slip away, weaving an energetic web.

The work is installative and can be performed in several intimate iterations, offering audience members the opportunity to experience the choreography, in its ephemeral circularity, multiple times. 


"Despite the tangible silence, I had an experience of music.”


“Mechanical and natural. Soft and precise. Deliberate and incidental.”

"It seemed rhythmically and qualitatively infectious. It felt so





"I felt there was so much space around and I was surrounded by


dance. It was everywhere."

"Intimate, touching, intruiging, mesmerizing and memorable."



Choreography: Tara Silverthorn in collaboration with Eleven Farrer House

Performance: Gaelin Little, Tara Silverthorn, Lucille Teppa & Cat Westwood

Sound: Sarah Westwood

Pictures: Joseph Hayes and Dominic Farlam

Residency partners: Ballet National de Marseille, Arnolfini, Studio on the Green in partnership with Dancebase Edinburgh and LIVE borders, Siobhan Davies Dance & Dance Limerick. 

Performed at: Dance Limerick (2019) & Siobhan Davies Studios (2018)

Camerawork: Jason Brooks

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