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if a bee falls in a forest is a trans-disciplinary performance environment created by 3 alchemist artists, who open and share their respective fields of expertise: choreography, visual arts and sound. The trio are purveyors of 'oddly satisfying moments'; elevating sounds, weaving movement and song, conjuring visions.  A natural science performance, summoning enchanted realms of the visual and audio; the performers follow a self-written pseudo spell book containing the equation for transmutation.


Choreographed movements and tactile interactions with sculptures produce an ethereal sound composition; interactions that expose the objects’ inherent and potential qualities. Sound vibrations move sculptures so they can participate more fully in the choreography. Objects and bodies illuminate the intricacy of sound and give it physical body. Light transforms into water, water turns into sound and sound is made visible.


Digital production is transformed into the analogue and physical, exploiting the potential of technology in its meeting with physical space, objects and people.  


if a bee falls in a forest will be developed throughout 2020/21 thanks to the support of Arnolfini, Bristol and WUK performing Arts, Vienna. 

Click here to view a short film documentation.

“The two women move measured, shamans of the sound space… finely crafted and surprising” - Ditta Rudle, Tanzschrift

By and with: Daniel Lercher, Asher O'Gorman & Tara Silverthorn


Film/Photography: Katharina Lochmann

With support from: Tanz*Hotel (Vienna). 

Performed as work in process at: Tanz*Hotel, 2019

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