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Jana Unmussig

Tara leads a rich and diverse performance career internationally. Collaborating with other artists as a performer and interpreter of their work continues to be a vital thread in the weave of her practices. 

Since 2009, she has worked with artists such as; Jana Unmüßig, Claudia Bosse/Theatercombinat, Tom Bailey/Mechanimal (movement direction and R&D collaborating artist), Rosemary Lee, Vera Tussing, Liam Steel, Martin Creed, Laura McGill, Mara Vivas, Riz MC, Charlotte Spencer Projects, Eleven Farrer House, Asher O'Gorman, Daniel Larrieu (Transitions Dance Company), Cristian Duarte (Transitions Dance Company) and Cheng Tsung-Lung (Transitions Dance Company).


Highlights include; Kasino am Schwarzenbergplatz (Impulstanz Festival, Vienna),  Kampnagel (Hamburg), Hebbel am Ufer (Berlin), E-WERK (Freiburg),Venus und Apoll (Dusseldorf), Asker Kulturhaus (Norway), Monaco Dance Forum (Monte Carlo), Springdance Festival (Utrecht), ITS Festival (Amsterdam), Tamagawa University (Japan), Royal Academy of Art (London), Tate Britain (London), The Place (London), Opera Holland Park (London), Lilian Baylis Studio & Sadler's Wells (London) and Par Beach (Cornwall).  

Professional workshops with Susan Rethorst, Steve Paxton, Deborah Hay, Benoit Lachambre.

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