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comb with a silent b is a trans-disciplinary work where people collaborate with several other material bodies. Grounded in choreography, the work emerges out of imagining what can come from taking more time. Asher and Tara physically explore how it is possible to become less serious about the serious, and more serious about the less serious. 


Drawing on a collection of movements, materials and meetings, constellations are woven together to create a detailed, sensorial composition.  Journeying through a choreographic landscape, objects become agents of their own qualities, moments of ambiguity transform into moments of satisfying clarity, images appear and dissolve.  


Choreography / sculpture: Asher O'Gorman & Tara Silverthorn


Sound: Daniel Lercher

Supported by: Im_Flieger, D.ID Dance Identity, Jardin d’Europe Wild Card in partnership with Southbank Centre London & Workshop Foundation Budapest, WUK ttp,  Startstipendium BMUKK, Independent Dance,  Greenwich Dance Agency & Bellyflop 'Cue Positions Symposium'.

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