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Image by Gaelin Little

What is ‘knowledge’? In a time where knowing something can mean many different things, and uncertainties feel especially potent, what can embodied processes reveal to us about how to be within this landscape and our lives? What could embracing complexity and mess lead to choreographically? How can we navigate the existence of multiple possible realities? 

These are some of the questions that Tara is currently handling through choreographic practice, inquiring into relationships with knowing/not-knowing, doing/not-doing.


In collaboration and companionship with a ball of yarn, Tara weaves conversations with uncertainty and clarity; restfully, playfully and attentively.

everything is blooming is currently in R&D. 

Click here to read an interview with Jacky Lansley, following a residency at Dance Research Studio

"Captivating work" - Jill Murray, Galway Dance Project

"A beautiful analogy for the work to be done in imagining new futures. Deeply affecting and resonant. The long repetitive task ahead of untangling the knots of the world and ourselves in it. With hope. There are processes. There are ways and there are ways. And I agree they must be rooted in presence and love and energy. Thank you." - Andrew

Choreography & performance: Tara Silverthorn

Artistic support: Cat Westwood, Crystal Zillwood, Gaelin Little & Katherine Hall

Residency support: Galway Dance Project, Dance Research Studio, Dance East, Inner Space & The Island.

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