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if a bee falls in a forest

Tara has been a co-director and founding member of dance quartet Eleven Farrer House since 2013, which gathers her together with friends/independent artists, Gaelin Little, Lucille Teppa and Cat Westwood. Making works for theatrical spaces, site-specific and film, their projects channel strong interests in shifting and shared authorship/collaborative methodologies, trans-disciplinary and performance practice, as well as exploring ways of connecting with people.



She has been collaborating with choreographer/visual artist, Asher O'Gorman since 2012, joined by sound artist Daniel Lercher in 2017. Their work is a meeting of choreography, somatics, visual arts and sound. Purveyors of 'oddly satisfying moments', the trio collaborate with objects, elements and other physical bodies to create alchemic performance environments that seek to shift anthropocentric perspectives and ask us all to be humble in our gaze and interaction with so-called inert beings.

With Lucille Teppa and Dr. Naomi Lefebvre Sell, Tara has been exploring the role of stillness and meditative/mindful processes and their lived experience within dance-making and scoring practices for over a decade. Their project Moving as thought process has been shared through publications, conferences, performances and workshops worldwide. 

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