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if a bee falls in(to) a box is a home performance package inspired by naturally occurring optical and audible phenomena.

Artists Daniel Lercher, Asher O'Gorman and Tara Silverthorn have come together remotely from their respective cities (Vienna and Bristol) to work within one another's fields - choreography, visual arts and sound. They have crafted and curated packages for two people to use at home after sundown. Inside the packages lie a collection of materials and the guidance to enter a sensuous home performance and conjure visions; at once scientific and magical, ancient and futuristic.

if a bee falls in(to) a box is the first of two parts. The second part of the work, if a bee falls in a forest, is a live, immersive performance installation, which will premiere at WUK performing arts in 2022.

To read a full article about the project, click here.

All documentation photography prints exhibited at The Island are for sale. Get in touch to ask.


What people said...

"Thoughtful and gracious" - Keith

"Fascinating work" - Katy


"The process asks one to slow down and focus." - anon.

"Oh they glow. The small surprises... Thanks for the intricate places this journey brought me on." - Charlotta

"Thank you for this moment of arctic poetry. It's quite magical, after a year in front of screens, to marvel at iridescent lights." - C.

"A very different way to spend an evening. We are still talking about it at breakfast." - Denise

"Best performance we've seen/been in for a while." - anon.

"The packaging, design and instructions were perfect and beautiful. Truly a triumph of theatre" - Padraig

"Sehr genial..." - anon.

"sehr einfach und trotzdem so überraschend" - Felicitas Lukas

Artists: Asher O'Gorman, Daniel Lercher, Tara Silverthorn


Package design and production: Maria Kanzler


Graphic design: Marcio Kerber Canabarro


Illustration: Gloria Amesbauer


Artistic support: Gaelin Little


Production support: Almud Krejza

Thanks to: Nicholas Hallett


Photo credits: Tara Silverthorn


Residency partners: Im_Flieger, Das TAG and The Island

A co-production between: WUK performing arts and Im_Flieger

With support from: The Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs Vienna, Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport, Otto Mauer Fonds and Arts Council England

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